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PBA Health’s Partnership with Nimble

June 10, 2024

At Nimble, we’re driven by the vision of what the independent pharmacy industry can achieve.  We’re committed to providing the tools pharmacy owners need to future-proof their practice, grow revenue streams, and improve the patient experience. To help pharmacy owners do more and own thriving practices, we prioritize key partnerships with leading organizations. 

To that end, our team is excited to announce that ‍we’re the newest Preferred Partner of PBA Health! 

We’re confident that this partnership will give tremendous benefits to PBA pharmacies by allowing them to maximize their financial position while also delivering an enhanced level of patient care.

Discover More ‍About PBA Health

PBA Health was founded in 1983 to help independent community pharmacies buy more profitably. Their team of professionals is dedicated to producing the best results for their customers. PBA emphasizes quality and integrity and focuses on carefully selecting business partners that share PBA’s values.

The PBA Health team works to get independent community pharmacies the most beneficial wholesaler contracts through group purchasing and expert negotiation services. With PBA’s proprietary suite of analytics tools, they optimize purchasing while managing pharmacies’ contracts  — all to ensure member pharmacies are operating as profitably as possible. 

PBA Health also operates its own NABP- and HDMA-certified full-service warehouse with more than 6,000 SKUs, including brands, generics, narcotics CII-CV, cold-storage products, and OTCs. The warehouse is available to all PBA Health customers as a quality secondary supplier.

‍How PBA Members Can Leverage Nimble to Supercharge Their Pharmacies

With the support of PBA Health’s partnership, members can leverage Nimble to unlock new, impactful revenue streams.

‍Pharmacies working with Nimble can provide their patients with an easy-to-use online checkout app and automated messaging on behalf of their pharmacy, ensuring their services are accessible 24/7. This translates into not only improved patient experiences but also substantial revenue growth.

‍Key outcomes of partnering with Nimble include:

  1. Increased Refill Volume (+41%): NimbleRx facilitates a convenient process for patients to request prescription refills. The result? A remarkable 41% increase in refill volume, offering pharmacies a substantial boost in recurring revenue.
  2. Prescriptions After Hours (+17%): With NimbleRx, pharmacies can extend their services beyond traditional hours. Experience a notable 17% rise in prescriptions after hours, meeting the needs of patients and contributing to overall business growth.
  3. OTC Add-ons (+15% in Average Order Size): Nimble doesn't just focus on processing prescriptions – it's a comprehensive solution that also enhances over-the-counter (OTC) sales. Benefit from a 15% increase in Average Order Size with strategic OTC add-ons, maximizing each patient interaction.

Work with us to positively change pharmacy profitability. With Nimble and PBA Health, the future for independent pharmacies has never looked better!

‍See how you can get started, today.

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