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Online Checkout as a Pillar of Growth for Independent Pharmacies

January 17, 2024

The world of healthcare, especially post-2020, has changed dramatically. Many essential services like nursing consultations, doctor’s appointments, and pharmacy operations have shifted online to not only address health and safety concerns but to also provide a new level of convenience for today’s busy patients. 

While embracing this new, digital age may seem daunting, the opportunities for growth that online operations present for independent pharmacies are immense. One key area pharmacies can embrace easily for substantial upside benefit? Online patient checkout.

Let’s explore why online checkout is crucial for independent pharmacies, how it caters to the needs of both younger and older generations, and how it can contribute significantly to the overall growth of your pharmacy business.

Staying Competitive in a Digital Age

Over 285 million Americans are projected to shop online by 2028, so there’s a solid chance that your patients are already familiar with digital commerce. Retail giants like Target and Walmart now offer Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPUS) — making most patients acquainted with a model of operation where they select what they need online, check out digitally, and then arrive onsite and quickly get their purchases.

This new level of convenience for busy patients, or even patients with mobility limitations, is now seen as standard. Independent pharmacies can tap into this trend by offering an online checkout option. This not only meets patient expectations but also positions your pharmacy as a modern and convenient choice in the local community. Your pharmacy will fit easily into their busy day with the assurance that they can quickly pop in and get their prescriptions with less time spent processing their orders at the counter.

Meet the Needs of Older Generations and Expand Into Younger Markets

Contrary to common misconceptions, older generations are increasingly embracing technology. Recent reporting by Pew Research found that 61% of those 65 and older own a smartphone and 75% of that same age group claimed to be regular internet users.

Modern online checkout solutions provide a user-friendly platform that caters to the needs of older patients who may prefer the convenience of ordering medications from the comfort of their homes and on their own timelines.

As for younger patients, their experience on mobile has led them to expect online checkout as a given. As mentioned earlier, e-commerce giants have made BOPUS standard, and your younger patients rely on the convenience it brings.

Overall, a well-designed online system can be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a great experience for patients of all ages.

Convenience for Both Patients and Pharmacy Staff

Launching online checkout doesn't just benefit patients — it streamlines operations for pharmacy staff too. 

With an online system in place, staff can focus on providing personalized service, managing prescription fills, and delivering 1:1 consultations rather than spending excessive time on manual transactions and processing payment information over the phone. 

Give Patients More Options, Earn More

Online checkout provides patients with the option to complete their prescription payments anywhere and at any time — effectively keeping your pharmacy open 24/7.

At Nimble, we’ve found that making it easy for patients to pay and sign for their prescriptions anytime, anywhere leads to some pretty incredible results.

NimbleRx pharmacy partners utilizing online checkout see on average:

  • More refill volume (+41% per patient)
  • More prescriptions sold after hours (+17%)
  • More OTC add-ons (+15% in Average Order Size)

Embracing online checkout is not just a technological advancement; it's a strategic move to propel your pharmacy forward. By staying competitive, meeting the needs of all generations, and optimizing your operations, online checkout can become a powerful tool for growth.

Nimble is here to partner with your pharmacy and help you thrive in the modern age. Learn just how we do it, today.

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