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Answering Top Patient Questions About Nimble

April 30, 2024

At Nimble, we know getting prescriptions from a doctor’s pad to the patient’s hands is a complex system. Nimble connects the dots and fills in the blanks so the entire process is easier for both pharmacists and patients. 

For patients, Nimble makes it simple to see, pay for, and get prescriptions and refills. This is achieved through Nimble’s unique technology and patient-facing app. If you’d like to understand on a more in-depth level how Nimble makes patients’ lives easier, read on.

What is Nimble?

Nimble is a pharmacy solution and patient app that makes it easy to get your prescriptions in your hands, on schedule. Nimble’s sleek app allows you to track orders, refills, payments, and pickup all in one place. What makes the pharmacy experience with Nimble superior? 

Nimble enables independent pharmacy patients to:

  • Set SMS notifications and refill reminders
  • Add OTC pharmacy items to their carts
  • Sign and pay for prescriptions
  • Get updates on order status and delivery
  • Have meds delivered discreetly, or pick them up at your pharmacy

Why does my pharmacy work with Nimble?

Your pharmacy has partnered with Nimble for a few key reasons. Firstly, to make your experience with their pharmacy even better. Nimble enables your pharmacy to deliver fully online checkout 24/7 for convenience, automated prescription reminders, and more. 

Secondly, Nimble’s system is designed purposefully so pharmacy employees spend less time entering data and doing manual tasks and more time delivering personalized care to you! 

How often will I receive communications from Nimble?

The Nimble system will send occasional reminders, updates, and communications on behalf of your pharmacy via email or text message. You will only get messages when absolutely necessary, like when you have an important refill coming up or haven’t yet checked out on a prescription you submitted for refill. 

The Nimble team has designed these messages to be clear and concise — and to ultimately be a tool you can use to take control of your pharmacy experience and wellness.

How does Nimble protect my privacy?

Protecting patient data privacy is fundamental to how we operate as an organization and deliver the services independent pharmacies need to thrive. 

‍Nimble is a HIPAA-compliant business — this means we structure our technology and business practices to ensure that PHI (personal health information) is handled appropriately. Beyond our fundamental practice of protecting patient data, the Nimble team then goes a step further and we sign BAAs (otherwise known as Business Associate Agreements) with our member pharmacies to acknowledge that Nimble has a shared responsibility for patient data.

If you’d like to learn more about Nimble’s commitment to data privacy check out our full blog on the topic here.

What’s the benefit of using Nimble’s app?

While you can check out on a browser using the links that were texted or emailed to you by Nimble, the app is always going to provide the best possible patient experience with truly seamless reminders, checkout, and signatures. 

There are also added benefits we provide to you through the app, like detailed medication refill reminders, order history, and educational articles.

In short, your pharmacy has partnered with Nimble because of our dedication to making your pharmacy experience the best it can be! If you have any additional questions or comments please reach out to your pharmacist.

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