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Nimble's Commitment to Data Privacy and Compliance

March 19, 2024

At Nimble, supporting independent pharmacies is the driving force behind everything we do. Throughout the last 9 years, we’ve honed our position at the intersection of technology and health to best serve community pharmacies nationwide.

A substantial part of that service includes being at the cutting edge of data privacy and compliance to ensure we’re bringing the tools patients and pharmacists need while respecting the privacy of all involved. 

Let’s explore Nimble’s commitment to data privacy and security and dive into the measures we take as a business to keep patient data secure.

Protecting Patient Data

Our mission at Nimble is to grow alongside pharmacies — and protecting patient data privacy is fundamental to how we operate as an organization and deliver the services independent pharmacies need to grow. 

While each pharmacy’s patients remain their patients, the Nimble team takes responsibility as if they were our own patients and a huge part of that is respecting their privacy and security. Nimble does offer sponsorship opportunities to select advertisers without compromising patient privacy and security by anonymizing all data.

Beyond our fundamental practice of protecting patient data, the Nimble team then goes a step further and we sign BAAs (otherwise known as Business Associate Agreements) with our member pharmacies to acknowledge that Nimble has a shared responsibility for patient data. This gives our team strict parameters on what we can and cannot do with patient data — and ensures that our partner pharmacies understand how and when patient data will be transmitted and leveraged.

Nimble’s HIPAA Compliance 

Nimble is a HIPAA-compliant business — this means we structure our technology and business practices to ensure that PHI (personal health information) is handled appropriately. Each Nimble employee receives training around HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines. You can learn more about Nimble’s HIPAA compliance here.

When it comes to pharmacies that partner with Nimble and the patients they serve, the privacy and security of their data are crucial. We’ve dedicated time and resources to ensure everything we do is compliant — and when we do leverage data it is for the purpose of delivering an exceptional patient and pharmacy experience. 

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