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The Role of Mobile Checkout in Streamlining Processes for Pharmacies

March 27, 2024

There’s no denying that for most Americans, a good chunk of their daily life plays out online. While you may associate smartphones with mainly the Gen Alpha, Gen Z, and Millennial generations, older generations also spend a great deal of time ‘online’. 

According to Pew Research, 76% of Americans 65+ own a smartphone and a Google study found that 86% of seniors who use the internet can be categorized as ‘enthusiasts’ who spend at least six hours a day online and own an average of five devices.

So, if a majority of patients of all ages are on their phones — why not reach this captive audience there to better serve your community? Let’s explore how utilizing mobile apps can help you more easily reach patients, seamlessly deliver online checkout, and boost your pharmacy’s success.

Reaching Patients Where They Are

If your patients of all ages are always on their phones — why not keep your pharmacy on their home screen 24/7?

By leveraging a mobile app with checkout capabilities, like NimbleRx, you can reach patients more effectively and where they already spend a decent amount of their time. By using an app with checkout capabilities, you can always reduce the friction of mobile checkout. Nimble enables patients to check out via our mobile app or on any web browser.

From a purely psychological perspective, having an application that’s associated with your pharmacy can always be a helpful reminder for patients to take and refill their medications.

Enabling Refill Tracking

Keeping your patients actively informed about the status of their orders is essential for ensuring a positive patient experience. Mobile apps and mobile checkout solutions, like NimbleRx, excel in providing real-time updates and notifications regarding refill confirmations, shipping status, and delivery or pickup time estimates. 

Patients can receive alerts whenever there are changes or updates to their orders, enabling them to track their parcels and plan accordingly. Additionally, mobile apps can send reminders for prescription refills, promoting wellness among your patient base.

Bonus: Improving Adherence 

As we discussed, simply having an application associated with your pharmacy on patients’ phones can be a great reminder for them to take medications as prescribed and refill as directed. 

Some applications, such as Nimble, can also send patients texts or Push notifications to remind them of their upcoming refill eligibility — which can assist your pharmacy in improving adherence.

Local pharmacy owners are the unsung heroes of communities. You keep your patients healthy and provide an incomparable level of service and care. Let mobile apps do some of the heavy lifting and free you and your staff up from manual tasks so you can get back to what you love doing most: serving patients!

If you’d like to explore the possibilities that Nimble’s mobile app can deliver to your pharmacy, schedule a demonstration with our team.

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