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Succeeding in the Digital Age: Nimble’s Mobile-First Capabilities

April 3, 2024

Taking stock of patients today, you would be hard-pressed to find ones without a smartphone in their hands. And the phenomena of mobile-first living isn’t exclusive to younger folks — data shows that patients of all ages are increasingly reliant on the internet and their phones to manage their days. Reporting by Pew Research found that 61% of those 65 and older own a smartphone and 75% of that same age group claimed to be regular internet users.

Couple those generational statistics with the fact that over 285 million Americans are projected to shop online by 2028 — and the facts point to your patient base being very comfortable with, or even preferring, mobile technology.

We’re constantly on the pulse of what’s making waves across industries to build the technology pharmacies need to succeed and grow. That’s why we’ve invested in mobile-first patient solutions. Let’s explore why mobile-first is important for pharmacies, what changes we’ve made at Nimble to adapt to mobile trends, and how you can set your practice up for success in the mobile age.

Why Nimble Is Investing in Mobile-First

At Nimble it’s our goal to provide your patients with the best possible pharmacy experience. In practice, this means we’re committed to making ordering, purchasing, and receiving their medications as seamless as possible. 

Our research and experience have found that an app-centric approach yields the best possible results for both you and your patients. When examining patient behavior we found that although patients check out at the same rate, the patients that download the mobile app have higher refill rates over time and enjoy the Nimble experience more.

Across 6 months of data analysis, we saw that patients who used the Nimble app have purchased 30% more fills than their non-mobile counterparts. This goes beyond just correlation — our analysis shows that encouraging patients to download the Nimble app actually causes these increased purchase rates. Ultimately, the data demonstrated that using our app drives engagement and repeat behavior for pharmacies.

We recognize that the patient experience is not a one-size-fits-all. To buffer against confusion and patient dissatisfaction we do exclude patients with birthdays before 1955, who are above age 70 currently, because we saw lower engagement within these cohorts.

Understanding Mobile-First Checkout

The experience we’ve designed for mobile patient checkout is extremely sleek. This is only a slight departure from the previous experience that wouldn’t prompt non-app users to download and it has incredible upsides for your pharmacy. 

The Enhanced Patient Experience 

Our new, enhanced patient experience is designed to get patients to checkout easily. When it’s time for patients to fill their next prescription, they’ll get an SMS message from Nimble letting them know it’s time to checkout. This message will contain a link for patients to download the mobile app, which will then take them straight to checkout. 

The app will give your patients the best possible Nimble experience but they can always choose to checkout via web in subsequent SMS messages that offer a web checkout link. Direct patients who do not wish to download the app to this second, or any later, message for checkout.

There are a few things you can do to ensure this change goes off without a hitch: 

  • Mention the Nimble app whenever you see patients in person
  • Encourage patients to save our shortcode for messages, 50762
  • Direct patients to download the app for the best possible experience

What This Means for Your Pharmacy

We’ve invested time and care into building the best app possible for your patients. The Nimble app has a +4.9 star rating on the App Store across over 17,000 reviews. 

The best part for you? Because we’ve made it easier for your patients to checkout with our app, you see:

  • More refill volume (+41% per patient)
  • More prescriptions sold after hours (+17%)
  • More OTC add ons (+15% in Average Order Size)

And for your patients, ordering, purchasing, and receiving their medications is as seamless as possible. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team using the chat feature on your Nimble dashboard or email support@nimblerx.com. We hope you’re as excited as the Nimble team is about these promising updates — we know that the future of your patient relationships is bright with this technology at your disposal.

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