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Nimble Announces Their Preferred Partnership with Rx Linc

June 17, 2024

At Nimble, we’re always looking for ways to best support the growth of independent pharmacies. One of the best ways we believe Nimble can help pharmacies succeed is through developing key partnerships. 

In that vein, we’re proud to announce that we are the newest Preferred Partner of Rx Linc.

We’re confident that this unique partnership between our two organizations will enable Nimble to more effectively deliver the tools for success to countless independent pharmacies. We know that when pharmacy practices succeed, patient experiences are upleveled and healthcare transforms for the better.

Meet Our Partner: Rx Linc 

Rx Linc is an organization that is led by pharmacists and built for pharmacists. Since 1998, they’ve helped pharmacies save time and money by minimizing errors and maximizing reimbursements. Rx Linc knows data, they know pharmacies, and they know how to make your data work for pharmacies.

Customer service is top of mind for Rx Linc and they provide themselves on delivering unsurpassed service and performance to their clients. The Rx Linc team values collaboration both internally and externally. Their team is constantly exploring new ways, like their partnership with Nimble, to make managing your data easier so you can spend more time on patient care.

You can learn more about Rx Linc’s partner program here.

How Nimble Can Support Rx Linc Members

Through Rx Linc’s Preferred Partner program, their members can work with Nimble to unlock new revenue streams by revolutionizing their pharmacy’s digital checkout and refill system.

Rx Linc pharmacies that use NimbleRx can enable patients with easy-to-use online checkout, ensuring their services are accessible 24/7. This translates into not only an improved patient experience but also substantial growth.

Pharmacies that leverage NimbleRx have seen:‍

  1. Greater Refill Volume: NimbleRx makes it incredibly easy for patients to request prescription refills. The result? A remarkable 41% increase in refill volume, offering pharmacies a substantial boost in recurring revenue.
  2. More Prescriptions After Hours: With NimbleRx, pharmacies can extend their services beyond traditional hours. Experience a notable 17% rise in prescriptions after hours, meeting the needs of patients and contributing to overall business growth.
  3. Increased OTC Add-ons: Nimble doesn't only focus on processing prescriptions – it's a comprehensive solution that also enhances over-the-counter (OTC) sales for pharmacies. Benefit from a 15% increase in Average Order Size with strategic OTC add-ons, maximizing each patient interaction.

‍‍We cannot overstate how excited we are to partner with Rx Linc — and we’re confident that this partnership will shape the future of pharmacies for the better!

‍Get started with NimbeRx, now.

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