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Increasing Efficiency with Innovative Pharmacy Solutions

April 2, 2024

In today’s hectic world healthcare professionals are pushed to always be doing more with less — and this pressure is especially prevalent for pharmacy owners trying to deliver quality care while also running a business.

One of the best options at pharmacies’ disposal to grow revenue without sacrificing quality is through improving efficiency in day-to-day activities and workflows. Healthcare has been transformed over the past several years due to extended privileges from the COVID-19 pandemic that give more freedom to pharmacies to conduct operations digitally and even perform more care services than ever before.

Let’s dive into some of the new solutions that your pharmacy can implement to increase efficiency, free up time, and even grow your practice.

The Importance of Embracing New Pharmacy Solutions

As the realities of running an independent pharmacy or medical practice continue to change, it’s crucial to remain adaptable and open to new strategies to remain profitable and even grow your practice. 

Your pharmacy is in the business of providing care to your community and promoting wellness and that business is dependent on a solid financial foundation that can enable you to implement cutting-edge healthcare solutions, fund community initiatives, and prioritize patients. Too often businesses fail because of an overly risk-adverse attitude or resistance to change. Just think of a former giant like Blockbuster  — and how their unwillingness to shift due to evolving trends led to their downfall.

Luckily for pharmacies, there are countless opportunities to hedge their financial bets and leverage new strategies to boost efficiency, thereby getting more time, energy, and money back to invest in their businesses.

Up and Coming Pharmacy Software Solutions

One of the easiest ways to improve efficiency at your pharmacy is through technology-led automation. Though popular, this doesn’t just mean relying on a ChatGPT-created bot to do your work — there are platforms with proven track records of boosting productivity at pharmacies through simple automation.

Nimble’s pharmacy solution puts more time back on busy pharmacy owners’ calendars by using messaging automation that gets patients to check out quicker and 100% online. This means that employees spend less time calling patients and manually checking them out and can spend more time giving care and advice, promoting adherence, and even crafting new ideas to boost your pharmacy’s revenue. 

Investing in Futuristic On-Premise Pharmacy Technology 

The possibilities for improving efficiency and driving revenue extend beyond just software. There are exciting up-and-coming technologies that promise to boost efficiency for pharmacies while also improving the overall patient experience. A few technologies that have made the headlines include:

  • Automated medication storage and retrieval lockers
  • Robotic systems designed to sort, package, and dispense medications
  • Geofencing using patient location to determine hyper-accurate pickup times
  • On-site vital screening stations to asses patients’ vitals like pulse, blood pressure, weight and BMI

Not every technology may make sense for your pharmacy, but it’s important to think about how you can make your practice a true destination for patients and encourage frequent visits.

In uncertain economic times, it’s essential that you make smart choices to bolster your pharmacy’s future and ensure that you’re running a tight business that can enable you to best serve your patients. At Nimble, we’re committed to being your partner in growth. If you’d like to discover how we deliver on that promise, schedule a chat with our team, today.

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