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Direct Pay for NimbleRx — Elevating Your Pharmacy's Payment Experience

January 19, 2024

At Nimble, we understand just how important, and challenging, running an independent pharmacy is. You’re not only busy managing your business, you’re also working hard to play a vital role in your community. 

Everything we do at Nimble is designed to make your life easier and your pharmacy the most successful it can be — and Nimble Direct Pay will do just that by bulletproofing your pharmacy’s payment transactions.

What Is Nimble Direct Pay?

Nimble Direct Pay is a financial feature within NimbleRx that enables pharmacy owners and staff to get weekly direct deposits, manage refunds directly from the NimbleRx dashboard, and access detailed payment information for critical audits.

Financial Transparency and Auditing Made Easy

With Nimble Direct Pay, you gain access to detailed transaction and payout reports, ensuring transparency and compliance with payment audit trail requirements. Easily retrieve receipts and reports, with everything you need accessible at an auditor’s request.

Pharmacy staff using NimbleRx can pull comprehensive payment information swiftly for critical audits, giving you the insights you need to navigate audits.

Financial Freedom With Weekly Deposits

We know your funds are often tied up in improving the patient experience and ensuring your community pharmacy remains well stocked. Our Direct Pay feature makes sure you get that much-needed money back in your pocket, faster.

Enjoy the convenience of weekly direct payments, ensuring a steady and reliable cash flow for your pharmacy.

Processing Full and Partial Refunds

For independent pharmacies, reputation in the community is incredibly important — and processing your patients’ refunds easily and quickly plays a large part in building a fantastic reputation.

Nimble’s Direct Pay comes with the ability to easily manage refunds directly from the NimbleRx dashboard, putting you in control of the refund process on your terms.

  • Full Refunds: When a delivery or pickup order task is canceled, we’ll automatically process an automatic full refund. This includes the patient’s total, the service fee, and the courier fee if the order hasn’t shipped.
  • Partial Refunds: In the Order History section of NimbleRx, there is a new column called ‘Refund’ that will allow you to process full or partial refunds. If partial refunds are processed, the patient will get back whatever your pharmacy inputted. No fees will be refunded.

We know business is better with a partner on your side. Think of Nimble as your newest partner in enhancing your pharmacy's payment experience, boosting refund reliability, and ensuring you remain audit-compliant.

Learn how you can partner with Nimble, today.

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