A woman in a hat applies sunscreen on her shoulders while at the beach to avoid premature aging.
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Building a Summertime Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

June 20, 2024

The wait is over — goodbye winter blues and hello summer sun! With more and more sunny days, this season brings the chance to soak up some rays, get outside, and enjoy the warm weather. Unfortunately, the summer sun also brings the risk of causing damage to your skin and increasing signs of aging.

Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take during sunny months to minimize the damage to your skin and even reverse certain signs of aging.

Let’s explore how to build an anti-aging skincare routine for summertime. 

Keep Skin Clean and Clear of Oils

As you have fun in the summer sun and get outside, you’re bound to sweat and produce more oil than at other times of the year. 

To prevent acne — and the scars that can come with acne — it’s important to keep your skin clean. Conder changing to a gentle foaming cleanser or one with salicylic acid during the summer months to combat excess oils.

You may also consider adding a gentle toner into your skincare routine if you notice you struggle to control how much oil your skin produces, but make sure you don’t overly strip your skin and always follow up with generous sunscreen application after washing your face and applying toner in the morning. 

Invest In a Sunblock That Won’t Break You Out

As mentioned before, sunscreen is probably the most vital step in your summertime anti-aging skincare routine. Sunscreen and protective measures not only protect you from dangerous UV radiation that can cause cancer, but it also keeps your skin from showing signs of aging like sun spots, texture, wrinkles, and more.

The catch-22 here is that some sunscreens can lead to breakouts that may turn into unwanted acne scarring or marks. When searching for your perfect summer sunscreen look for formulas labeled “non-comedogenic” and ones with an SPF of 30 and above — these will protect your skin without clogging pores.

Then, when it’s time to apply your sunscreen, don’t be stingy. Use ample amounts of sunscreen on your face, ears, neck, and shoulders before going out into the sun. You can also cover up with sunshirts, hats, and longer legwear to ensure your whole body remains protected from the sun and premature aging. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Retinol 

While increased exposure to the sun can make your skin more sensitive, this isn’t a reason to abandon anti-aging ingredients in your routine.

You can usually safely use Retin-A or your retinol in the summer — but always double-check with your doctor about your unique risks. Always make sure to use these products at night as the sunlight can deactivate them. As always, make sure if you’re using anti-aging products to always wear ample sunscreen before going out into the sun.

Now that you understand the risks of prolonged exposure to the sun and how you can prevent premature aging through your skincare routine and daily habits, get outside and soak up the summer sun — safely of course!

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