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Announcing Nimble's Partnership with Aspire Health Pharmacy Services

March 13, 2024

Nimble’s team is deeply committed to being a true partner in the growth of independent pharmacies. With the success of independent pharmacies as our driving force, Nimble is always seeking to make connections with the best names in the pharmacy industry.

Nimble is proud to announce that we are the newest Preferred Vendor of Aspire Health Pharmacy Services. We are confident that this special partnership will allow Nimble to more effectively reach countless independent pharmacies with the tools they need to succeed — enhancing patient (and pharmacist) experiences across the nation.

As an Aspire Preferred Vendor, Nimble will ensure that Aspire members gain more opportunities to make more money, retain patients, and set their pharmacies up for long-term, sustainable growth.

‍More About Aspire Health Pharmacy Services

‍Launched in 2019, Aspire Health Pharmacy Services is a powerful national consolidation of leading pharmacy buying groups and service organizations that drive business value to pharmacies.

Through their growing scale and intimate knowledge of the industry’s pricing mechanisms, Aspire Health has evolved into one of the fastest-growing group purchasing aggregation companies focused on creating solutions to empower members and open the door to cost-effective innovations.

You can learn more about Aspire Health’s Preferred Vendor program here.

How Aspire Health Members Can Leverage Nimble for Success

Through Aspire Health’s Preferred Vendor program, Aspire members can work with Nimble to unlock new revenue streams by bringing their pharmacy’s checkout online and through Nimble’s unique Experience Payments program.

Aspire pharmacies that use NimbleRx can enable patients with an easy-to-use online checkout app, ensuring their services are accessible 24/7. This translates into not only an improved patient experience but also substantial growth.

Pharmacies that leverage NimbleRx have seen:‍

1. Increased Refill Volume (+41%)

NimbleRx facilitates a convenient process for patients to request prescription refills. The result? A remarkable 41% increase in refill volume, offering pharmacies a substantial boost in recurring revenue.

2. More Prescriptions After Hours (+17%)

With NimbleRx, pharmacies can extend their services beyond traditional hours. Experience a notable 17% rise in prescriptions after hours, meeting the needs of patients and contributing to overall business growth.

3. Increased OTC Add-ons (+15% in Average Order Size)

Nimble doesn't just focus on processing prescriptions – it's a comprehensive solution that also enhances over-the-counter (OTC) sales. Benefit from a 15% increase in Average Order Size with strategic OTC add-ons, maximizing each patient interaction.

‍We’re excited to begin our partnership with Aspire Health — and we’re confident that this will change the future of independent pharmacies for the better!

Get started with NimbeRx, now.

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