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Announcing Nimble's Partnership with American Associated Pharmacies (AAP)

January 24, 2024

At Nimble, it’s our goal to give independent and community pharmacies the tools they need to supercharge their practice, grow revenue streams, and improve the online patient experience.

Nimble is proud to be the newest Preferred Partner of American Associated Pharmacies (AAP). This collaboration will enable our team to better reach more in-need independent pharmacies than ever before — enhancing online patient experiences and profit potential for these pharmacies.

The partnership aims to ensure that pharmacies leave less money on the table, providing a significant financial advantage in today's competitive healthcare landscape.

About American Associated Pharmacies

American Associated Pharmacies (AAP) is a Member-owned cooperative comprised of more than 2,000 independent and community pharmacies. The history of AAP began in 2009 when two major pharmacy cooperatives — United Drugs of Phoenix, Arizona, and Associated Pharmacies, Inc., of Scottsboro, Alabama — joined forces to form one of America’s largest and most comprehensive independent pharmacy organizations.

AAP is overseen by a Board of Directors elected from their membership. These directors are real independent pharmacy owners who understand precisely the unique market challenges pharmacies face. Throughout its history, AAP and its subsidiaries have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in rebates and dividends and saved member pharmacies millions more in operating and acquisition costs.

More on AAP’s Preferred Partner Program

American Associated Pharmacies has established key partnerships with many of the best vendors in the industry for pharmacy efficiency, customer service, and savings. AAP membership gives you access to these tools and the support of our network’s expertise. 

AAP only partners with premier organizations that align closely with their mission, with each prospective partner being thoroughly scrutinized to ensure they meet AAP’s rigorous standards and provide an innovative solution to meet the needs of their members. 

You can learn more about AAP’s partner program here on their website.

How AAP Members Can Leverage NimbleRx for Growth

With the support of AAP’s trusted partnership program, members can leverage NimbleRx to unlock new revenue streams by bringing their pharmacy online.

Pharmacies working with NimbleRx can now provide their patients with an easy-to-use online checkout app, ensuring their services are accessible 24/7. This translates into not only improved patient experiences but also substantial revenue growth.

Key highlights partnering with NimbleRx include:

1. Increased Refill Volume (+41%)

NimbleRx facilitates a convenient process for patients to request prescription refills. The result? A remarkable 41% increase in refill volume, offering pharmacies a substantial boost in recurring revenue.

2. Prescriptions After Hours (+17%)

With NimbleRx, pharmacies can extend their services beyond traditional hours. Experience a notable 17% rise in prescriptions after hours, meeting the needs of patients and contributing to overall business growth.

3. OTC Add-ons (+15% in Average Order Size)

Nimble doesn't just focus on processing prescriptions – it's a comprehensive solution that also enhances over-the-counter (OTC) sales. Benefit from a 15% increase in Average Order Size with strategic OTC add-ons, maximizing each patient interaction.

Join us in revolutionizing pharmacy profitability. Together with NimbleRx and AAP, the future for independent pharmacies has never looked brighter. 

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