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Journey Through 2023 - Our Year in Review

As the year draws to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect on our journey in 2023. At Nimble, it's been a year filled with milestones, innovation, how we’ve focused on the needs of our pharmacy partners, and we can't wait to share it all with you.

Here's a glimpse of what we’ve accomplished this year:

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Delivery Order In Progress

One of the game-changing features introduced in 2023 was the 'Delivery Order In Progress.' This feature streamlined the delivery process by providing real-time updates and notifications to both pharmacy staff and patients. This ensured smoother transactions and improved customer satisfaction.

Refill UI/UX Revamp

Our 'Refill UI/UX Revamp' project aimed to make the refill process more user-friendly. The result? A smoother and more intuitive refill experience for both pharmacy staff and patients.

Express Pick Up

The 'Express Pick Up' feature was a game-changer for patients on tight schedules. It allowed patients to expedite their prescription pick-up process, ensuring they could get back to their busy lives faster.

Optional Emails

A step closer to offering comprehensive family management. Optional emails allowed patients to manage family members without a unique email.

Increase Efficiency

Patient Profile and Search

In 2023, we introduced the 'Patient Profile and Search' feature, making it easier for pharmacists to access patient information efficiently. This feature improved patient care by providing quick access to essential details, medication history, and more.

MicroMerchant Point of Sale (POS) Integration

We integrated with MicroMerchant Point of Sale (POS) systems, simplifying the prescription process. 

Pharmacy Login Recovery

In response to user feedback, we introduced the 'Pharmacy Login Recovery' feature. This enhancement made it easier for pharmacies to recover their login information, reducing downtime and improving the overall user experience.

Pharmacy Dashboard Call List

The 'Pharmacy Dashboard Call List' feature streamlined the workflow by prioritizing patient interactions. This meant that pharmacies could respond more efficiently to patient queries and prescription needs.

Courier Customization

Our 'Courier Customization' feature allowed pharmacies to tailor their courier options, ensuring safe and efficient medication deliveries for their patients.

Attestation Forms

Compliance and record-keeping are critical in the pharmacy industry. Our 'Attestation Forms' feature made it easy for pharmacies to create, store, and access these forms.

Intake Forms 

The 'Intake Forms' feature simplifies the process of collecting and managing patient information.

Nimble Direct Pay

Managing payments became more efficient with the introduction of 'Payment Sub Accounts,' which allowed for better tracking and reconciliation.

Thank you for a fantastic year, and we can't wait to share the exciting developments that await you in the coming year! 

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